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Michele Green: Certified Professional Trainer

As a child, I grew up on a small three acre hobby farm and was around a variety of animals: German Shepherd, Beagle, and Poodles as well as chickens, pigs, a goat, and horses all of which developed my love for animals. As an adult, I had the opportunity to train our family puppy, Buckeye, an Akita mix. He was a pleasure for me to train. We took him everywhere and would always get such wonderful remarks on his excellent manners. Buckeye was such a loyal companion right up to his passing at age 13. 

Realizing the comfort and caring abilities of having a dog, I began to search for another family companion or service dog for my youngest son. There seemed to be resources for this, but the specific qualifications, waiting list, and cost seemed out of our reach. I wondered how many other families might be facing these difficulties and what would it take for me to get certified so that I could train dogs as family companions, to meet my son’s needs, and also to be a help to other families that have similar needs. I was able to fulfill this dream of earning a Certified Professional Training Certificate from National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, which teaches reliable training methods using a balanced approach to training. 

I’ve raised 7 children and I know that each one is very different. Each child needed a different approach of encouragement and of correction. This caused me to be creative and adapt my positive and negative reinforcements. I also learned that there is security and happiness when there are clear boundaries, consequences, and love. It comes very natural to me to apply the lessons I learned raising children along with my dog training education to help owners achieve that wonderful and rewarding relationship with their dog.


Marilyn - Rescue Dog Owner

"Through Michele's training we have achieved the goals that we had and Michele has given us the tools to continue to work with our dog to maintain what she has learned and also to teach her other aspects of obedience on our own."



Bruce - Husky Dog Owner

“Our dog has been happier now that he knows what is expected and has the confidence to do it. We enjoyed working with Michele as a person and as a very knowledgeable trainer.”


Anna - Bernese Mountain Dog Owner

"Working with Michele at Loyal Start Dog Training has been such a wonderful experience for us! She is helping us to take our rambunctious puppy and develop him into a well-trained family dog. I appreciate how much patience and care Michele exhibits, not only working with Luca, but also in teaching us how to train him. I highly recommend Loyal Start Dog Training to anyone looking for help with their dog!"

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