Finish Line

10 Full Days of training 

Training by a certified professional trainer

Obedience Commands – 

Loose Lead Walking 

Sit/Stay (from front and side)

Down/Stay (from front and side)

Come/Off Leash Freedom

Place (remaining on a mat till released)

Out/Drop It

Leave It

Off Leash/Agility Exercises (reinforces obedience commands and increases confidence)

Improved Behaviors Like – 

Behavior problem solving

Improving reliability around varied distractions                                

5 doggie field trips (building reliability, confidence, and socialization)

Additional Bonuses – 

Unlimited customer service

4 refresher sessions (30-60 minutes)


Program Description:

The Loyal Start’s Finish Line program covers everything taught in Path to Success plus structures your dog’s training, teaching the obedience commands while integrating the use of various distractions for a full 10 days.   This focused training produces reliable results and consistency in your dog’s obedience and good manners.  The trainer will work with you on how to make these skills a part of everyday life.  





Puppy Preschool

Early training habits for a

puppy 9-16 weeks of age.

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Relationship Builder

One-on-one training

designed specifically for your dogs personality. 

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Path to Success

Includes 5 days of training for obedience and good manners.
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Finish Line

Includes 10 days of training for obedience and good manners as well as additional commands. (read more)


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