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Relationship Builder


5 Private Sessions

Cedar Falls location

Private training with a certified professional trainer

Obedience Commands – 

Loose Lead Walking 



Come/Off Leash Freedom 

Place (remaining on a mat till released)

Improved Behaviors Like – 

Calm greeting

Waiting at doors 

No jumping, chasing or running away

Additional Bonuses – 

Unlimited client coaching

2 refresher sessions 

Program Description:

Enjoy relaxing walks with your dog and feel pride as your neighbors marvel at how well your dog listens to you.  Imagine the peace of mind as he/she shows off good manners by sitting when greeted, coming when called, or waiting at an open door.  Loyal Start’s Relationship Builder Program is designed to give you one on one coaching at each training session, showing you how to work closely with your dog to achieve your training goals, and builds that special and lasting bond between you and your dog.  This program has the flexibility of time  as well as being able to adjust the teaching/learning pace that benefits your dog.




Puppy Preschool

Early training habits for a

puppy 9-16 weeks of age.

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Relationship Builder

One-on-one training

designed specifically for your dogs personality. 

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Path to Success

Includes 5 days of training for obedience and good manners.
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Finish Line

Includes 10 days of training for obedience and good manners as well as additional commands. (read more)


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