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4 Sessions (60 minutes/session)

Taught by a certified professional trainer 

For puppies 9-16 weeks of age


Sessions cover topics like: 

Social skills

Health and grooming education

Early obedience 

Building confidence


Unwanted behaviors (jumping, play biting, chasing)


Program Description:

The Puppy Preschool program educates owners on the growth, needs, and early training habits for a puppy between 9-16 weeks of age.  The trainer will work closely with you on how to build a positive foundation in your puppy’s development.  Sessions address unwanted behaviors and how to stop them and point your puppy in the right direction on how to properly face situations in and outside the home.  Loyal Start’s Puppy Preschool gives you great bonding experiences with your puppy as well as educating and establishing your leadership. This is an essential program that leads to success in your puppy’s future obedience training.

Puppy Preschool 


Puppy Preschool

Early training habits for a

puppy 9-16 weeks of age.

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Relationship Builder

One-on-one training

designed specifically for your dogs personality. 

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Path to Success

Includes 5 days of training for obedience and good manners.
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Finish Line

Includes 10 days of training for obedience and good manners as well as additional commands. (read more)


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